What is ChufaMix

ChufaMix is the first device to squeeze out nuts, cereals, small seeds, and herbs.

Have fun elaborating vegan milks in a very easy and fast way, while trapping in all its nutrientes and flavours:

– Nut milks: Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachio, cashew, peanuts, etc.

– Cereal milks: Rice, oats, spelt, etc.

– Small seed milks: Hemp, sesame, quinua, pumpkin, melon, sunflower, etc

– Soy milk and Tigernut Orxata.

– Vegan cheese & yoghurts. 

You only need to have at home a hand-blender or stab mixer,  your ChufaMix,  5 minutes of time, and the wish to live an experience radically different to the one proposed by the industrial packaged plant milks available in the market.

          Make your own vegan milks!


  • We win health: Freshly squeezed vegan milks do mantain all the original medicinal and nutritional properties of the raw material that you use.
  • We earn money:A liter of oats milk can cost approximately 25 cents, 35 cents the soy milk, and 80 cents a liter of peanuts milk, among others.
  • We protect the environment:Without the need of producing packages we produce less CO2. Besides using the mixer 1 minute, we only spend 20 W.
  • Let´s consume responsibly: Chufamix lets you know not only what you drink, but also to do it in a responsible way if you follow 3 key guidelines:

    1-Buy from local farmers, or from businesses that are committed to proximity agriculture.

    2-Consume products from organic agriculture.

    3-Use fairtrade products.


Funcionamiento de chufamix

To know us a little better you just have to visit our blog:


The invention

Chufamix® has been designed and produced in Spain (EU), in addition to being patented as invention with worldwide protection.

The invention is composed of four pieces:

  • A container
  • The filtering glass
  • A mortar
  • A cover lid

Chufamix® works with any domestic stick blender or stabmixer, ideally above 250 W (hand blender is not included with your ChufaMix).

All materials used producing Chufamix® are free of anti-ecological components such as Bisphenol A (BPA), PVC, bakelite, halogen compounds, formaldehyde, etc.
Chufamix® has been designed with no planned obsolescence, so that if it’s correctly used attending to the instruction manual, Chufamix will last for several years. Anyway,Chufamix has 2 years warranty.


Each week we upload new recipes of our own, but also from Chufamix fans and bloguers so feel free to collaborate with us in: